Many think that the bakery began with Bill and Kathy Young, which it did. But, what they
don’t know is baking started in each of their families, years before the creation of Grandma’s
Country Bake Shoppe. Long before they met, Kathy and Bill shared their love of baking with
their grandmothers. Of course, back then, true scratch baking was the only method – no bags
or boxed mixes, nothing frozen, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients by hand. When it
came to naming the bakery Kathy gets all the credit. Honoring both grandmother’s along with
being a small mom and pop bakery out in the country, Grandma’s Country Oven Bake Shoppe
just rolled off her tongue. Years later, due to the high demand of our cheesecakes, “& The
Cheesecake Place” was added.

Bill and Kathy vowed to practice an extremely high standard of true scratch baking with every
cookie, pie, cake, bread or tart and any other baked good produced in their bakery. This has
been their practice since opening the doors in 1981. To this day every baked good begins with
the finest ingredients available, including fresh fruits from the family farm. Although it sounds
unbelievable, each apple is still peeled and cored individually, by hand. (Nobody spends the
time or money to do this except, maybe your Grandma.) Each ingredient is scaled and measured by hand. We continue to hand mold and prepare each product for the oven. As a final touch, all cake and cookie decorating is by the skilled hands of Kathy and our talented Cake Artist. As many know, the two of them come up with the most amazing creations!

Even though these processes are labor intensive and can be costly, the very reason the baking
industry as a whole has gotten away from these practices (to save money), they are necessary
to provide the finest baked goods possible. This is why we will never deviate from true scratch
baking. We want only the best for our family and want nothing less for you and yours!

If you’re not already one of our loyal customers, we invite you to stop by and see what we have
to offer. You, your family and friends deserve the finest baked goods available and everyone at
Grandma’s Country Oven Bake Shoppe & The Cheesecake Place will certainly see that you get
exactly that. During your visit, stop by The Gift Shoppe at Grandma’s where we carry some
terrific lines including Swan Creek Candles, Ariston Balsamic Vinegars and Olive Oils, homemade chocolate candies and biscotti. We also sell antiques, Grandpa’s
Antiques, another unique feature of our bakery. A winery featuring locally made wine is coming soon (watch for details). We have something for everyone and look forward to seeing you!