Is your school, team or group looking for a new fundraiser? Check us out for some unique ideas. We offer candle fundraisers where you can earn $3.25 for each 12 oz. candle sold, that is a 25% return. Or, if you are looking for some delicious fundraiser options you can choose from apple dumplings (frozen unbaked or freshly baked), our Fresh Fruit pies (frozen unbaked or freshly baked), Cream pies, Cheesecakes, Gobs, Pumpkin Logs, Pepperoni Rolls or any other baked good your stomach desires. You can sell with confidence knowing that all of these products are made from scratch with no preservatives, just like all of our Baked Goods. Anyone you are selling to will appreciate the quality of product they are purchasing. With most of our baked goods, your organization can make up to 25% of all sales.  Send us a text at (724) 527-4125 or give us a call at (724) 744-9873 and ask Allison for more details.