Swan Creek Candles

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We carry a few different lines of the Swan Creek Candles. These are clean burning, lead free, intensely fragrant American Soybean Wax candles. Every wick is made of cotton, which is another way to ensure a clean burn. Twice a year Swan Creek Candle Co. also introduces new seasonal fragrances. So, check back often for updated information.

Be sure to ask about Grandma’s Candle Club,  for every five 12 oz. candles you purchase you get one free!


       NEW PHRASE CANDLES                                       $13.99+tax

12oz. Pantry Jar  – $15.99 +tax                        
New Fragrances
*Our Best Selling Fragrances

                    12 oz. JAR CANDLES – $15.99 +tax

Buttercream Vanilla*
Cilantro Clementine
Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte

Citrus & Sage
Coconut Lime
Crisp Cotton
Dutch Apple Pie
French Vanilla Bean                                                                    
Harvest Spice

Honey Soaked Apples

Lemon Grass
Lemon Icebox Cookies
Lilac Mist*
Pumpkin Vanilla*
Roasted Espresso
Salted Caramel Popcorn
Sandalwood Vanilla
Sparkling Fruit Slices
Spiced Orange & Cinnamon
Summer Rain
Thai Pear
Vanilla Pound Cake
Warm Cinnamon Buns*

WAX BURNERS are available in brown or black for $10.99 +tax
DRIZZLE MELTS  $5.99 + tax

Burning Instructions:

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim wicks to 1/4 inch at all times. Never burn a candle on an unprotected surface. Avoid burning candles in a draft. We recommend you do not burn a candle in a pot that has less than ½ inch of wax left on the bottom.

Cosmetic Care: Carefully “mold” softened wax around taller candles to maintain proper burning shape. Allow drips to harden before removing. Refrigerate candles to prolong burning time. Wrap in foil or plastic wrap, and never freeze. To maintain color and fragrance, store candles in a cool, dark, covered container.