Wedding Cookies

For all of our brides and grooms that have grown up in the Pittsburgh area all know and love the tradition of the “cookie table” at your wedding reception. And this is another detail Grandma is able to help with. At Grandma’s we make over 50 handmade varieties of cookies that are sure to please your guests. Some of our great cookies include Blackbottom Cheesecakes, Chocolate Chip, Lady Locks and Pecan Tassies. All of our cookies, as like all of our products, are made from scratch, starting with unbleached flour, fresh eggs and no preservatives. We continue the tradition of scratch baking because it is important to us that our customers receive only the highest quality baked goods available.

When considering how many cookies you need for your celebration, we typically recommend 4 to 6 cookies per guest. Most of our brides tend to go right in the middle with 5 cookies per guest. You have a couple options when it comes to ordering cookies. You can order the cookies you want in specific amounts and have them boxed, or we can tray them for an extra $10.00 per tray (10 dz cookies). Or we can help you select a variety of our most popular cookies and have them trayed for $99.99 per 10 dz tray. We also deliver the trayed cookies to your reception site. There is no extra charge for this if we are also baking your wedding cake. If we are just baking cookies for your wedding, the is a $40 fee if your reception site is with in 25 miles from the bakery, and then an extra $4.00 per mile both ways for receptions further away.