Kathy and Bill Young, their children, grandchildren and team of dedicated employees are responsible for providing you with the area’s finest baked goods from Grandma’s Country Oven Bake Shoppe.

Kathy certainly was born with the desire to bake in her genetics. At the age of eight, she helped
her paternal grandmother bake bread on the weekends. Realizing her talent, she began baking
cookies, cakes, and pies for her immediate family. Not only was Kathy an early baker, she
was also an entrepreneur at a young age. In 8th grade she began selling her baked goods at the
family farm market on McKnight Road. Armed with a simple presentation of cookies in cookie
jars, she found her product in high demand. As with most successful entrepreneurs, Kathy
recognized her need to expand and began selling pies. Of course each pie was baked with fresh
fruit provided by the family farm.

After marrying her high school sweetheart, Bill, she found herself living next door to his
grandmother. They quickly bonded over their love of baking. They spent many hours together
baking in Gram’s kitchen until Kathy and Bill moved in 1981. Kathy still cherishes those

Kathy took a hiatus from selling her baked goods when her family’s farm relocated to Harrison
City, Penn Township, Westmoreland County in 1981. After the dust settled from the move
(about a year later) she began selling at the family farm again, but this time invested in a sales
case to display her products. Kathy, Bill and their family, now including two young children
Matthew and Jennifer, remained in North Hills where she baked in the basement of their home
and transported her baked goods to Harrison City. With the incorporation of a new sales case,
she was able to increase her product line from cookies and pies to more varieties of assorted
baked goods. She found her quick breads to be a very popular addition.

A few years after the farm settled in Penn Township, Kathy began decorating for Halloween.
She designed and built scarecrows and soon expanded to other harvest and Halloween displays
in the pumpkin patch for customers to enjoy. Before she knew it, Octoberfest was born and quickly became the most popular event of the year at Schramm’s.

In 1990, Kathy and Bill made the decision to relocate again, but this time closer to family. They
built their new home adjacent to the farm in Harrison City. During the transition, she continued to sell her baked goods at the farm market.

In 1991, Kathy and Bill were able to fulfill their dream and open Grandma’s Country Oven
Bake Shoppe. The initial cost was a leap of faith for them, but one that soon became fruitful.
Product development and expansion were a priority and the baked goods didn’t disappoint.
The business grew rapidly. It was around this time that Bill introduced bread and doughnuts.
Local businesses, including pizza and sub shops, grills, and numerous other restaurants, began
purchasing bread and buns. In 1993, Kathy started her wedding cake business. Her incredible
passion for wedding cakes is portrayed in every breathtaking work of art and because of this, it
remains a substantial portion of their business.

Currently the bakery employs twelve, including talented bakers and skilled sales staff. Kathy
and Bill’s children, Matt and Jen, along with their spouses, and seven wonderful grandchildren
have helped tremendously throughout the years and continue to do so today. They wouldn’t
have it any other way, after all, this is a family business!

As 2012 draws to an end, they are reflecting on an amazing year. Not only were they able to
launch this new website, but the sales area of the store underwent a major remodel. They also
expanded product lines and introduced some amazing new baked goods.

Unfortunately, most bakeries have resorted to cost saving measures and in turn, create an inferior product. Kathy and Bill vow to continue with their original dream of providing the finest baked goods, made from scratch, by hand, with the best ingredients available. They owe it to their grandmothers, who taught them to bake and learn to appreciate these methods regardless of cost or time. They invite you to stop by and try their full line of baked goods, including pies, bread, cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and much more!